Addressing Issues Identified from Flash Flooding

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Cleaning Ditches

Gulfport Public Works has started addressing areas of concern that have been identified by the department and through citizens’ calls from the April 28 flash flood. Much of the ditch cleaning effort requires access through private property to more expeditiously remove debris and vegetative growth from the drainage easements. Public Works employees are coming door-to-door seeking written authorization from certain property owners. The Public Works employees will need the owners to sign forms similar to the template shown below. There is no cost to the property owner for this effort, and we agree to “restore the property to as close to its original condition as reasonably possible.”

If we need to temporarily use your property, please allow us. This effort may save you and your neighbors from bigger problems in the future.

Right of Entry Agreement by rleeflowers

Community Meetings

Supervisor Kent Jones and State Representative Sonya Williams-Barnes are sponsoring two community meetings dealing with flooding issues in Gulfport. County, City, and State officials will discuss possible engineering plans to prevent future extensive flooding damage.

The meetings will be held at the Good Deeds Community Center at 15101 Madison St. The first meeting is this Thursday evening, June 30 at 6 p.m. The second meeting is 6 p.m., Tuesday, July 12.

Flooding Community Meetings

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