More Street Projects

Pine Hills Subdivision

Several months ago Supervisor William Martin called me and told me that he had some funds remaining in the Board of Supervisors’ budget for paving in District 4. He requested that the City recommend a couple of streets that needed paving.

For the amount of money that was available, Angela and Stevens Circles in the Pine Hills subdivision were chosen. The City would mill the roads and the County would pave them. Unfortunately, after milling the road edges along the curb, the City’s milling machine broke. The asphalt on those roads is thin and in the milled areas potholes developed. We have developed a workaround to this problem.

The City is currently collecting quotes to subcontract the remaining asphalt milling. I hope to have the selected company on the next regularly scheduled council meeting agenda on September 16. Once the milling is complete, the County’s asphalt and paving contractor, Landshapers, will pave the roads.

Utilizing New Tools

The Engineering Department is testing a new way to keep the public informed on projects. Engineering is issuing a weekly blog with status updates for the Three Rivers Road & Creosote Road Widening Project.

You can find the blog here or by pasting the following link into your web browser:

Please give us feedback on this new way to communicate updates by commenting on the blogs or by calling 311.

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